Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paradigm Shift in Indian Marriage Process!

Now Am at age of 3-quarter to century, most of friends have started getting married. Most them are arranged by themselves and only few are made by their parents. This is something I'm seeing new in my society for the last couple of years, which made me to do this thought process of comparing the both the paradigms.

Typically Indian marriages are Pragmatic and were as complex as launching an IPO in a Non-Demanding Tanked Market, where Business starts by (i) creating Red hearing! of Bride with Bio-D, Horoscope, Modeling Photos and (ii) circulating them through relatives, friends and sometimes even Brokers are involved! Then the prospective alliance parents, starts their (iii)Due Diligence on the Bride and their family through the people who are known to both, Then there comes the (iv)Roadshow, where they display the product(Bride) and then (v)Valuation starts based on Bride's qualification, EPS(Earnings Per Salary!), Personality. But unfortunately this is not what buyer pays to the seller for the product; it’s exactly the other way..Yes We can't see this kind of trade in any market other any Indian Marriage Market. Then (vi) the final Negotiation starts based on the Demand for the Groom!..If everything goes well, then finally the (vii)allocation of Bride with Bribe!(Cash. Car, Gold, Diamond, House) to the Groom family by the name of marriage. In few cases, some complex derivatives were also derived from this trade, like Paying in installments, Marrying a girl from Groom family to Bride family. Unfortunately there were secondary markets for Groom in few cases.

But now, things are getting changed slowly, where Bride and Groom are no more treated as just Products, They make their decision on life. In case of Love marriages it’s a simple three step process, (i)Hearts meet each other, (iii)Inform Parents and seek for Permission! (ii)Marry with Parents and relatives and friends blessings (not on all cases!). Many thinks, this is not our culture and Indians are getting westernized!. But this brings equality on human genders. this brings transparency into the system, after all marriage is an social institution, thing brings people from different places, languages closer, thing brings cultural integration and mainly makes life simple and easy.

This is the Change We can Believe In!

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ArunZulu said...

Nice Blog , U write well and think contemporary , good and ur paradigm on IPO was nice.